Generosity Ninjas


This year I am trying something new, I am going to do advent differently. Instead of giving myself an advent calendar, my challenge is to do something generous each day.

‘Doesn’t sound as much fun as a chocolate for breakfast!’ I hear you say but I’ll be honest I have been surprised by how much I am enjoying it so far. (Maybe ask me on the 20th if it’s still going well!)

Each day of advent this year  I am going to do something generous with / for someone else. So far this looks like:
-buying the Big Issue from the seller outside the Coop
-cooking dinner for lovely friends
-buying breakfast for a kind colleague

Tomorrow I’m taking a bag of clothes to my local Ty Hafan charity shop, and the day after that… who knows! My hope is that in doing this, I can instil a habit of small ways to be generous into my daily life.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying looking out every day for a way to be generous – it’s rather like being a ninja and springing into action when an opportunity arises.

If you’re up for it, I would love some fellow generosity-ninjas over advent. Let’s share ideas of what generous acts you have taken up and share stories of how it went! Next time you see me, please ask me how it’s going and help me keep up my new habit. (I’m not very disciplined and will need all the help I can get!)


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